I am many. Some of me here:

Hi!  I’m Cate.  Or if you don’t journey in virtual worlds, I’m Donna.  You may call me either or both, just as my momma used to say, don’t call me: Late to Supper.

In virtual worlds I am Cate Storymoon, a halfling who loves to play with virtual animal friends, avatar friends, landscape my home –  Mindwalker Beach, and shoot at least one photo a day to process and upload to my flickr photostream.   In the ‘other world’  sometimes called “REAL”,  I’m Donna, a retired music educator and performer, sometime graphic and mixed media artist, and grandmother of two amazing little boys.  I reside in Southern California, another paradise.

There are few artistic endeavors I’ve not tried in my life.  Music, poetry, prose, drawing, painting, mixed-media and collage work, jewelry-making, needle-felting.  There is never enough time to “do” all that I desire every day.  But being is my aim… my goal.  Moment-to-moment simply being.  There is always enough ‘time’ for that.


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